Stutzman Brothers Meats Wagyu Beef Delmonico. If you like Ribeye, you will love our Wagyu Delmonico! The Delmonico is the first cut off of the ribeye, on the chuck or shoulder end of the primal. It has arguably the most flavor out of any other cut from the rib/loin, and is excellent seared medium rare.

Delmonico Wagyu Steak 8 pack - 12 oz.

    • Weight: 7lbs. 8 - 12 oz. Steaks
    • Product ships fresh via Expedited Shipping
    • Wagyu crossed with high quality Angus
    • F1 50% Wagyu 50% Angus
    • 100% natural, no added hormones
    • Easy-to-store packaging
    • Premium restaurant quality
  • We are passionate about our meats—Our Wagyu steaks are from our F1 Wagyu Herd at Fairgrove Wagyu Farms where they are either full blood Wagyu/Holstein cross or full blood Wagyu/Angus cross.  We are happy to tell the story of how our beef cattle are raised with the best care to develop the best marbling in our meats. Time and the right diet is the key to making the tastiest and healthiest beef on earth.​​