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Stutzman Brothers Meats offers Top Quality Wagyu Beef

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While Marlin and Mat Stutzman are brothers, the name of Stutzman Brothers meat company is in honor of our ancestors who immigrated to the United States in 1727. 


Christian and Jacob Stutzman, who were not yet 16 years of age, left Speiz, Bern, Switzerland with their father Johann Jacob Stutzman and mother Anna Loysa (Regina) Stutzman and 4 siblings on the ship Adventure captained by John Davies of Rotterdam, Holland.  During the voyage across the Atlantic the Stutzman Brother's mother, Anna, and siblings all died from sickness on the ship.  Only Christian and Jacob and their father Johann survived together after the fateful voyage into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1727.  Johann not having enough money to pay for the passage for his family due to the sickness and death arrangements on the ship Adventure had few choices.


Johann then "bound out his sons as indentured servants to pay therefor" to Lutheran and Amish families in Pennsylvania where the Stutzman Brother's worked off their fare and eventually earned their freedom as Americans.  Johann returned to the Old Country to handle his father, Baron Abraham von Stutzman's estate where Johann eventually died at the age of 116 years in Switzerland.


Today we salute and honor the Stutzman Brother's of Jacob and Christian who survived and sacrificed much to make a living as Americans.  Our hope is that you enjoy our wagyu meats and pork patties from Stutzman Meats as much as we do knowing that we all have someone who made the sacrifice of making their way to America for freedom and the ability to produce our very best for others to enjoy.  We tip our hat to the Stutzman Brother's who went on to farm and produce a better way of life for their heritage across the frontier to Indiana.  Please enjoy Stutzman Brother's Meats knowing a little more about who we are and where our family came from. We hope we can make life better for the ages to come from what we appreciate today.

NOTICE: Retail Store now open at Sturgis Location.  
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