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Stutzman Brothers Meats sells and ships high-quality meat. We strive to provide you with the best shipping value in the industry. We package and ship for delivery on Monday-Friday. We use all avenues possible to keep meat from "sitting" with a shipper. This may mean that meat ordered on a Friday may be shipped on a Monday.


We want your order delivered QUICKLY AND SAFELY! 

NOTE: Shipping times are extended due to COVID-19. We will ship your order as quickly as possible.


To maintain the highest quality, our products are individually sealed in air-tight packaging. To help ensure your order arrives in excellent condition, each order is now shipped using a reusable cooler in a shipper box.  Large items like briskets MAY not fit in the thermal bags. We utilize both frozen ice packs as well as dry ice in shipments. 


Meat is shipped frozen. Your meat may arrive partially thawed. If you are preparing the meat immediately continue the thaw process. If not place meat in freezer. This will not degrade the quality of your purchase.

NOTICE: Retail Store now open at Sturgis Location.  
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